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Distinguished Alumni

Alumni in the News

Darden H. North, MD, authors book, HOUSE CALL

Presidents of the University of Mississippi Alumni Association

Richard Noble (Indianola) 2011-2012
Dr. Albert H. “Chance” Laws (Columbus) 2006-2007
Jon C. Turner (Jackson) 2004-2005
James McClure, Jr . (Sardis) 1985-1986
John H. “Jack” Geary , (Jackson) 1983-1984
Charles S. “Bubber” Bidgood, Jr. (Meridian) 1979-190
Tom B. Scott, Jr. (Jackson) 1972-1973
James T. Singley (Meridian) 1962-1963
James McClure, Sr. (Sardis) 1945-1946

Members of the “Ole Miss Alumni Hall of Fame”

Gov. Winfield Dunn, (Nashville) 2011

John H. “Jack” Geary, (Jackson) 2010

Herbert E. Dewees, Jr., (Oxford) 2008

T. Michael Glenn, (Memphis) 2008

James McClure, Jr., (Sardis) 2007

Lt. General James E. Sherrard, III,(Fort Walton Beach, FL) 2006

Dr. Henry L. Laws, (Clanton, AL) 2004
Paul Edward Gray, (West Windsor, New Jersey) 1999
Dr. Phil H. Berry, Jr. (Dallas, TX) 1998
Porter L. Fortune, Jr. (Oxford) 1990


Hon. Martin Sennett “Mike” Conner, Governor of Mississippi 1932-1936
Hon. Winfield Dunn, Governor of Tennessee 1971-1975


Ole Miss “M Club” Hall of Fame Members

2005 - Preston “Pep” Bennett

2002 - John Lee Gainey Jr.

1998 - Buddy Wittichen

1993 - Farley Salmon

1991 - Bobby Crespino & Allen Brown
1989 - W. Glynn Griffing

1988 - Bernard W. Schreiber

1987 - E. Cary Middlecoff – Masters Winner  &  L. A. Smith, Jr. – No I in 1926
1986 - Thomas N. Turner

1985 - James McClure

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